Retirement Living FAQs

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What is the best time to consider retirement living?

That's up to you! You will know the best stage of life to consider when a move is best for your own well-being. Retirement Villages are specifically designed to meet your accommodation, social and recreational needs.

What is a Retirement Village?

A retirement village is a housing development designed specifically to cater to the needs and lifestyle of the over 55’s. There are many types of villages, and the accommodation options, services and facilities offered vary from place to place. Read about Manchester Unity’s retirement living options.

What is the village manager's role?

The village manager is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the village, the hiring and supervision of staff and is usually the primary contact point for residents. If you have any queries about the village or concerns about the way it’s operated, the village manager should be your first point of contact.

How are decisions made concerning the operation of the village?

As a resident in the village you are entitled to participate in a resident's Committee and participate in an annual meeting of all residents of the retirement village.

What are my basic rights?

All States in Australia have legislation governing the operation of retirement villages. The NSW Office of Fair Trading states you will have the following basic rights when you become a resident:

  • to live in your premises without interference to your reasonable peace, comfort or privacy from anybody
  • the ability to exercise self-reliance and autonomy in matters relating to your personal, domestic and financial affairs
  • to decide what possessions to have in your premises
  • to live in an environment free from harassment and intimidation
  • to appoint an agent to receive notices and other documents on your behalf
  • to receive a statement of proposed expenditure each financial year for which the operator must seek the consent of the residents
  • to be given proper notice of any variation in your recurrent charges
  • to access any information about you held by the operator
  • to stand for election, if the village has a Residents Committee
  • to attend and vote at any meeting of residents

A group of residents or the Residents Committee may request the operator to propose a variation in the services and facilities provided at the village or an amendment to the village rules.

Can I have visitors stay in my unit?

Yes, visitors or short-stay guests are welcome any time. However, there is a need to advise the village manager and to obtain consent due to security and fire regulations.

Can I bring a pet?

For the safety of all residents, no animals are to be kept in Manchester Unity's Village.